Existential Trash



"Existential Trash Book One? It's a cunning tale which has nothing to do with its plot." ~~Lauren J. Tenney (10e)
The old woman offers the girl a bead, "A story for you." She has no idea of what lies before her.  Fire!  In and out of real time, the girl is alarmed.  Where is she?  Almost sense.  Alas, the 'official bathroom break' has awful timing.  
"Curses Harry!  Wrong door!" Will she survive in the glory land of the Long Armed Amaguesti?
The rest.  Veronica Stellar is beside herself.  Truth seeking?  The old woman enjoys confronting her.  Something sweeps the girl off her feet.  The monitor records everything.  Only seven hours . . . will they meet on a corner and part on a square?



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Tenney, Lauren, J. (2005). X.J. Storm Existential Trash. Indiana: AuthorHouse.

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